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Updated June, 2023

Matchbox Regular Wheel 1-75 Series, Accessory, Major Pack, King Size, Presentation & Gift Sets - Variations 1953-1970

Matchbox Variation Guide

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Matchbox Series
Variations Guide
1953 - 1969

July 2020 - Model values updated

June 2020 - New section on Presentation & Gift Sets added. Roadway Series and Painting Books updated

April 2020 - 1-75 section variations updated

January 2019 - 1-75 section reformatted & additional photographs added

May 2018 - PDF copy added to website for downloading

October 2017 - New photos and variations added to 1-75 Guide

June 2016 - New photos and variations added to 1-75 Guide

August 2014 - Update: Responding to a number of requests I have updated my guide to include Accessory/Major Pack & King Size variations and some ephemera information.

Acknowledgements due to:

Lorna, Vicky and Andrew at Vectis (V) for providing photographs of many variations and past auction prices. Vectis


Nick Jones for the valuable information on his website. VBD


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Matchbox 1953-1970


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